My Answers To Your Questions! (Q&A)

I promised you guys I would do a Q&A post if I get enough questions so here it is! Thank you very much to all those who aksed the questions and I hope my answers prove to be satisfactory to you all!

So let’s get into my answers!

My answers to your questions:

Peace&Humanity asks:

  • When did you start your journey here, how many years back?

February 13, 2016 was the day I ventured into this amazing world of blogging. Our Flaws Shape Us! was my first post. Oh goodness, I can sense the nostalgia striking me. It was such a spur of the moment decision I took and I am so glad I made the decision!

  • Any advice to new bloggers?

This is a great question.

The very first thing I would say to new bloggers is that they must NOT AT ALL worry about the numbers. Newbie friends, you need to understand that it takes a lot of time (and effort, of course) to reach where you dream to be. So do not at all be demotivated just because you aren’t able to get ‘enough’ views. You will be able to get there, for sure.

Secondly, write truly and be authentic. Do not write something just for the sake of it. Write because writing pleases you. Write because you want to. If you write honestly, you’ll find readers who are able to connect with you and relate to you.

Thirdly, connect with other bloggers. Do not log out just after you’ve published your post. You must keep in mind that blogging is not just about posting your stuff. It’s also very much about reading what others post. If you enjoy reading a post, make sure to let the blogger know that you enjoyed it!

I have more tips which I am ready to share with my newbie friends! If you want me to post all of the tips so that you can benefit from my experiences, then, let me know!

swaroophule2001 asks:

  • Which is the blog post of yours which you love a lot and your experience while writing that particular post?

I like this question, too! Honestly, I love all of my posts as they reflect some part or the other of my life. However, one of my very favourite posts is A Poem By Ma And Me. I think many of you would have already guessed it. I absolutely love this poem I wrote with my mom! It was so so SO much fun writing this.

So, I’ll tell you how we wrote it. We were in a flight. I had always wanted to write with my mother as she writes beautifully! I wrote a stanza and passed the phone to mom. I asked her to continue the poem by writing another stanza and that’s just how it went. She wrote one then, I wrote the next and then her and oh, it was so much fun. We took a lot of time trying to continue whatever the other had built. Once we were done with it, we both kept on reading and repeating the poem because we liked it very much and the fact that it was a mother and a daughter who wrote together!

And guess what? Not only mom and I love this poem, even you guys love it so much! So many of you showed so much love towards this poem of ours and trust me, we both were elated to know how much you guys like it! Thank you very much for all the love!

missmwriter asks:

  • What are your plans for your blog in the future? What will you be doing different?

I definitely plan to expand my blog. I know it takes time but, I am excited. I look forward to gaining more exposure and supporters. I might switch to self-hosting and explore the many other wonderful themes that WordPress has in store.

Sann asks:

  • What do you decide to take up as your profession, if you haven’t already?

Oh, trust me, I ask myself the same question everyday. Although, I have many things sorted in my head, I am still researching and exploring so once I become crystal clear about what exactly I wish to do, I will let you all know! I think this stage is a stage that everybody goes through. Sometimes it just gets so perplexing. Sometimes it’s absolutely clear and sometimes there are just too many things that are wished to be done. I am still figuring things out and I know by the end of this year, it’ll all be much clearer.

Kataurus King Braswell asks:

  • What is your number one method of generating followers?

I don’t have a method for gaining followers. I think it’s all about what you write and how you write it. I firmly believe that if one writes truly, words come straight from the heart, readers will be able to relate better. I think that’s the key to be a successful blogger and that’s what readers like about a particular blog. I hope that answers this question!

The NChanting Whispers asks:

  • What will you choose- the elder wand, the invisibility cloak or the resurrection stone?

This is a fun question! I am so confused between the elder wand and the invisibility cloak! Even though, I would like to be invisible for one day, I would choose the elder wand. Who would not like to have the mightiest wand?! If I get the wand, I will be able to change so many things in this world and for the ‘greater good’ (hehe get it, Potterheads?).

  • What are you scared of ?

I am scared of seeing a cruel world which has no compassion nor any kind of love.

mistella25 asks:

  • How much time did it take to achieve such a number of readers? And how frequently did you post in the beginning when you had started the blog?

I started my blog in 2016 but, I took a long break back in 2017. So yeah, I am not sure what the exact figure would be. I can consider it to be a year and a half.

I made sure to post frequently. I knew I had to stick to it if I wanted to get my blog somewhere. I posted on every third or fourth day. So yeah, I was regular!

Sachin Gandhi asks:

  • Which is your favourite blog on WordPress and why?

Oh, I really cannot name any one! I have MANY favourite blogs and I cannot choose one or even two! I love all the blogs I follow and I make sure not to miss out on any of the posts. Do you have a favourite blog?

That’s all for this Question And Answer post! Hope you guys like it!

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38 thoughts on “My Answers To Your Questions! (Q&A)”

  1. Thanks for this post. Great answers! “Connecting with other bloggers” is an area I am failing miserably at and I have no idea how to tackle this situation! I do find time to visit a few blogs, but then I feel bad abandoning the others who have visited my blog. Where I live, internet connection is a bit slow. So that again has come as a challenge as opening each blog takes time, esp if it’s an image-heavy one! Sorry for the rant, but if you have any advice, please share. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a ton!
      I think you’ve brought forward a great point. You aren’t at fault for the electricity problem and I am sure it must be hard to interact with other bloggers in this case. To deal with this, I would suggest you to decide for yourself time periods of a day or a week which you would devote only to reading others’ posts and connecting with other bloggers. Of course, you would choose the time period based on when the electricity goes out (if there is a specific time to it).
      If I find any other solution, I would surely let you know!
      Hope this helps!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great answers and I expected that you will choose cloak because it was related to Harry , hence the right one
    But i loved your choice …And idea of one stanza to other is fabulous …I hope I will meet a poet so can write like this ..πŸ‘πŸ‘ a fun fantastic post …πŸ’žπŸ’ž

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hii Meher
    Just read your post on Q&A and trust me its just amazing and i find it more helpful as I’m new here it’s just been one and a half month almost and i have so many questions in my head and then here you are as my genie who gave me all the answers. Thankyou and keep writing 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heyy!
      Welcome to WordPress! I hope you’re having fun here!

      Trust me, I am so glad that my answers have helped you. Thank you for reading and commenting! I hope you like my future posts, too!

      Happy blogging!

      Liked by 1 person

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