My Review Policies


If you are wanting to get your book reviewed by me, kindly read the following points (review policies, genres I accept/unaccept) and accordingly, reach out to me via e-mail (e-mail id. provided at the bottom).

Here are my review policies:

  1. Once I read the book (review copy), I would be reviewing it on my blog ‘The Scribblings’ ( I would also be posting a short review on Goodreads. On Twitter and Instagram, I would be spreading the word about the book’s release and would also post my star rating for the book.
  2. My review would be a without-spoiler (spoiler-free) review. However, I can post spoiler reviews if you so desire.
  3. My review of the book would be absolutely honest and all opinions would be solely mine.
  4. The word count of my reviews is generally between 450-550 words.
  5. Once my review is up on my blog, I would be sending you a link to it.
  6. Contents of my review would include:
  • Name of the book
  • Name of the author
  • Genre of the book
  • Release date of the book
  • My star rating
  • Spoiler-free review and my honest opinions regarding the book subdivided into:

a) What the book is about and what it revolves around (without disclosing any twists or major events at all).

b) My favourite character(s) (if any).

c) Reasons to read the book.

d) If I recommend it.

e) One-two favourite quotes from the book (if any).

Kindly note: I do not charge for book reviews however, I do tend to accept suitable review requests that offer to compensate me for the effort I put into reviewing a book, spreading the word about it, and the time I spend on reading and bringing forward true reviews.

Genres of books I consider for review:

  • Mystery/thriller
  • YA fantasy/ mystery/ thriller
  • Science fiction
  • Classic fiction retellings
  • Children’s fiction
  • Magical realism/ urban and high fantasy
  • Satire
  • Poetry
  • Non-fiction adventure

Genres of books I do not consider for review:

  • YA romance
  • Non-fiction romance
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies
  • Self help/ cookbooks/ art journals

Kindly connect with me via email if interested in reviews.

  • My e-mail id.:

In the e-mail, kindly send me a brief spoiler-free synopsis of the book, genre, and publishing date of the book.

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I hope to connect with you and read and review your book!

Meher Gandhi