Bottled Emotions Do No Good (Article) – Collaboration

This post is in collaboration with Charul Chandak who is a wonderful blogger. She writes great articles so do check out her blog! We both have collaborated on two articles. One being ‘Bottled Emotions Do No Good’ and the other ‘Imperfection Is Prefection’. You can read ‘Imperfection Is Perfection’ on Charul’s blog! If you like one, you’ll like the other, too!

Bottled Emotions Do No Good

By Meher Gandhi and Charul Chandak

“Just ask how I’m feeling, I want to say. Just ask and I may tell you. But, no one does.”

~ Melina Marchetta

Being able to feel, sense and judge is what makes us humans. The ability to sense and form an opinion or connection that provides a new light to our surroundings is something incredible. Isn’t it? But, what happens when you start choking on your own feelings, when you aren’t able to express emotions and the way you’re feeling? What happens when you seem to be isolated from the hard-pressed and dynamic world? There are so many people who just gulp in their feelings because they’re never made to feel as if their emotions and opinions matter. They sadly, choose to bottle up their emotions.

Have you ever shaken a soda bottle frivolously? Did you notice what happens? The foam of the soda pents up and we can see the crystalline glam of the weensy bubbles dancing to and fro and as we open the bottle cap, the soda emanates with effervescence! At this moment, all the surroundings are made a botch of and we get miffed because of the mess all around.The situation isn’t different with humans! Emotions are the oxygen to the heart and when these emotions are stuffed inside, humans suffocate because the air has to be exhaled as well, or else it becomes poisonous and when the cap of our hearts opens due to the pressure being enormous, emotions blurt out creating a mess everywhere and disturbing our relationships! Won’t it be better to open the cap as and when required, so that soda works for what it is meant to, i.e. to fall with the champagne?!

So, why not speak up? Try talking to somebody. You need to vent out all those hurricanes residing inside your head and well, don’t you realize how relieved you would feel once you’ve let out all the tensions that are bubbling up in you? Talk to anybody you are comfortable talking to and if you don’t find anybody who is trustworthy then, talk to the mirror. Cry and scream your heart out because you need to know how it feels to pour everything out. Not only will this help you be at ease but, it’ll also create space in your mind for great ideas, wonderful experiences and amazing learnings. We all deserve to live in a happy place but, more than that, we all deserve to live with our ‘happy mind’.

It’s really ironical that all of us know all of it still we don’t abide by! We know which ointment should be applied on the wounds and scars but when we actually fall on the life’s track, we either whine over the stone or ruth over the wounds! The bottled up emotions are the scars which we keep behind the curtain because we treat them as a dark shadow over our lives. We presume the reactions which we might get if we allow them to flow. But how can you keep others contended and euphoric if you’re not able to deliver the same to yourself? In this democratic world you’ve to give the democracy to your emotions to flow out the way they want so as to have a cordial relationship between the heart and the soul!

So, let’s promise ourselves to be a bit nicer towards our humanly emotions and feelings. Let’s not even try to keep them in hiding in our self-made jails. Let’s show it when we feel it. Let’s have that smile on our faces when we’re really feeling merry and let’s make sure to talk to people around us whenever we are feeling low. Try to look at life through a different, a bit optimistic lens.

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Also, do read the second one posted on Charul’s blog! I am sure you’ll like that one, too!

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