Review: ‘Alathea: Goddess and Empress’ by Dylan Madeley

Title: ‘Alathea: Goddess and Empress’

Author: Dylan Madeley

Genre: Fantasy, fiction

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

*NOTE: I am extremely grateful to Reads & Reels for sending me the review copy. However, this does not at all hinder my honest opinions regarding the book. This is a spoiler-free review. All opinions are solely mine.

“The disloyal dolls needed to be sorted out.”

The novel’s blue-blood representation is beyond breathtaking. Definitely one of my favourites from this year.

Alathea, the daughter of emperor Maximian, is born to rule. Growing up, she has never been told the truth about how her mother died. Maximian has always been over-protective about his daughter, so much is his love for her that he would dare not show her his side that the rest of the world is familiar with. With his only daughter, he is a loving and polite father but with the rest of the world, he is his battlefield self. Maximian is too prudent to consider anybody as correct. The others can only be close to being right but never as right as himself. He is ruthless when it comes to anybody other than his daughter and his advisor.

Rheb, Maximian’s advisor and Alathea’s tutor, on the other hand is a man of intellect who prefers staying grounded yet all-knowing. Unlike Alathea’s caretaker Demma, he is witty, fast and incredibly far-sighted.

The emperor’s only aim is to kill the last of the Falcon’s Eye. His fight is aimed at his only enemy responsible for the death of Alathea’s mother whom he loved beyond measure. But, there exist other enemies that Maximian hasn’t taken notice of.

Alathea soon gets to know the shocking side of her father and despises the world that he chooses to live in- a world where there is ruthlessness and insensitivity. Throughout Alathea’s journey to becoming a strong-minded woman, Rheb hopes that Alathea would never show signs of the monstrous characteristics that her father possesses.

This book is about Alathea and how she grows to become an empress and a Goddess. But, even after disliking some of Maximian’s ways, does she really contradict his nature while displaying her own? Read the book to know!

I loved reading the journey of Alathea and watching her grow to become incredibly strong. However, my love for this character kept oscillating. I cannot deny the honour and beauty with which she acts but I am not sure if I would call her my favorite. I admire Rheb’s character a lot and the intricacy with which the author has shaped his simple character is wonderful.

I appreciate the pace that the book runs at but I found myself expecting more twists and maybe some more surprises. I just wish the book had more turns because I would love to see more of Alathea using her wit to traverse barriers. I think she is so fervent and strong that I would love to read more of her (definitely wanting a sequel!).

Fantasy is my favourite genre and this novel definitely proved to be one of the best I’ve read. I recommend this book to anybody who’s looking for a fresh-read!

The cover art is BEAUTIFUL which is why I decided to print it and use it as a journaling card tucked inside my journal!

“But Alathea loved to look great enough for herself.”

~ Dylan Madeley, Alathea: Goddess and Empress
I love the cover art of ‘Alathea: Goddess and Empress’ by Dylan Madeley so much that I decided to include it in my journal (which I have made from scratch!!).

Have you read this book? Are you planning to? What do you think about my review? Do let me know in the comments section below!

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