Photography by Meher Gandhi

**We NEED to be kind to one another. In order to make this world a better place to live in, we must indulge in altruistic acts. Being kind is the only way to escape the atrocities and our own regretful actions of the past. This poem of mine is dedicated to the need of kindness all around. We need to rise and spread light.


By Meher Gandhi

The candlelit stage is waiting for us,
To step on it and act a bit just.
The candlelit stage is waiting for us,
To act kind without making a fuss.

Where is the magnanimity and kindness,
Which used to rain,
Away from the hateful blindness,
From clouds full of hope and everything sane?

Why is everyone wrapped in a cover-
Which hides all love and faith?
Why are you trapped in this bubble-
Of anger and hate?

Something shines within this bubble-
The one of gloom and hate.
Waiting for it to hit the hard rubble,
Waiting for light to flow from within.

Where is the humanity that filled our veins,
With something pure passion and compassion?
Where is the humanity that filled our veins,
With love that made us human.

Can we ever rise,
From ‘you’s and ‘I’s?
Can we ever reach,
To the ‘us’ and ‘we’?

Let’s talk about the good and nice,
Without thinking about the cruel lies.
Let’s talk about love and justice,
Instead of the ruckus and roughness.

I wish to wake up tomorrow,
To see a world without demise and sorrow.
I wish to sleep tomorrow,
Without thinking about the thinkings narrow.

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75 thoughts on “Rise”

      1. Hey do you have a contact form or anything on your blog page? I’d like to get to know you more and maybe become friends, because we’ve always had conversation here and there via comments!

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  1. A beautiful invitation to unity. This was my favorite: Can we ever rise,
From ‘you’s and ‘I’s?
Can we ever reach,
To the ‘us’ and ‘we’?
    I sure hope so. ✌🏾

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  2. Girl u never fail to amaze.. I wish you all luck and success.. you are a beautiful person inside out.. a soul which is so pure, without a doubt..!! May you rise and shine, reach for the stars and stay on cloud nine!!
    Much love and hugs. .

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Thank you for agreeing with me and supporting! As there are no rules for spreading kindness, you can spread kindness in any way that suits you! From feeding stray dogs to donating something to just being kind with everybody, you can show love and support in any way!

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      1. I do that. I visited orphange and I took few things and gave to 75 kids there and wrote a mesaage by my side for them and distributed among all kids.

        I do take time to listen to poor people’s problems wherever I see even on streets where I walk from their own mouth and help them if possible.

        I am always kind to waiters and leave them thank you messages by writing it on a tissue and give it to them.

        I do talk to my friends whenever they are down and low and they feel little good.

        All small small things, nothing big I can do at the moment. But small things go on to touch souls deeps and makes a big difference.

        And stray dogs. I am scared of dogs haha. They bark whenever they look at me. 😂

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      2. Oh, this is great!
        So happy to know that there are people like you who know how important it is to be thankful and kind! And, thank you for sharing the awesome ways by which one can contribute something or the other for the betterment of this world!
        I probably will have a whole new post about why and how to spread around kindness like confetti!
        Well, I, too, am, afraid of stray dogs (actually, dogs in general) but still, sometimes I find the inner daring me who helps me to feed them!😂


      3. Oh wow. I will be really glad if you write about spreading kindness. It is so so important these days to spread these messages as most of the people have become so insensitive to others problems, feelings or even the emotions to make things worse. I am saying this by my personal experiences after travelling across India (I visited not many places though but I visited a decent number) and after staying in few cities as well.
        People are getying colder and colder every passing second towards others. I helped everyone but when I was down and dusted and crying like hell for help not even a single person out of 100’s of people I know turned up, not even the so called best friends. You might have met good peoples and have had and even now might be having good friends but I am not even a little lucky in this country.
        But I am happy and really proud of who I am as a person and God will definitely do justice to me sometime soon. I do have a lot of faith in My God 😇

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      4. Yes, it is true that whoever you help might not want to help you back in the future…it’s sad, very sad. That’s probably because not many people know what it is like to be helpful and kind.
        All you can do is still be kind but, not with the motive of receiving help back. Be kind without expectations. I guess that’s all one can do.
        Thank you for sharing your wonderful views!!

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      5. Haha this is a nice question!😂 Anybody out here who is reading the comments is most welcome to tell us about what to and what not to feed dogs!😂
        I usually give them bread and biscuits. But, because I am scared of them, sometimes, I just pass on the things to my brother who LOVES dogs. At times, you can even pour them a bowl of milk!

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      6. Haha so cute (Passing things to your brother to feed dogs. That’s too much kindness really) 😄 Even after being scared you don’t stop yourselves from feeding dogs. Its impeccable. Something to learn here.

        I did learn this thing from you today and will always follow it in my life from now on. Not just about dogs, every other things I am scared of (including some humqns as well )

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      7. Hello Meher. Do you know what?

        I fed a dog for the first time today and it was all because of you. It was not planned as well. I went out to celebrate my friend’s son’s birthday. While walking around the place I saw a dog, like black not completely black but shade of grey in black you can say; with considerable amount of fur on the body. By seeing the dog, I remembered your words to feed a dog. Luckily, I had a Choco Lotto Pie in my pocket which I bought for birthday boy among many other small chocolates and cocolate suffs. As I removed it from my pocket and unwrapping that cake, the dog started staring at me and came two steps towards me. I got a bit scared as I saw the dog approaching me but I dared and removed the wrapper completely and put it before his mouth. I was not sure if it would eat that cake or not, so I stopped there and watched if he eats it or not. And luckily, he ate it all.

        Wowwww! I felt so happy that time ☺ It was priceless. And thanks to you. It was all because of you writing this post and then explaining me in the comments.

        Thank you so so much Meher ☺

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      8. This is so great!
        It feels good to know that you think this poem to be enlightening. But, I do not think that it is all because of my poem…I believe that your desire to help and feed the dog and your courage to face the fear have helped you in doing the task. 😊😊

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  3. It is tough to be kind every day, when there is so much negativity around us. It has to be a mindset and an ability to be able to not worry about getting credit for deeds. There must also be self-help opportunities that will allow us to spread positivity to others. Great poem!

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