You Know Who You Are

You Know Who You Are

By Meher Gandhi

However overwhelmed I maybe,
However tough it may seem,
You made of thin crust,
Have helped me push aside all the dust of disgust.

May I ask whoever you are,
If you have a brain and a heart within,
Which is so graciously taking in all my rants about life,
Without a sound nor a din?

How do you decompress and simmer me down?
By ‘me’ I mean the active volcanoes that reside within me.
How do you make them dormant when no one alive can?
Is it always one of your master plans?

“A true friend”

How do you leave my emotions blank and myself empty,
Once I cover you with nothing but, blotches of ink?
No sadness. No gaiety.
Just truth. Just you and me.

I never gift my trust so uncomplicatedly,
Yet, I write my emotions onto you.
Covering your skin with my need,
Empowering you to help me in a good deed.

Probably, you’ll inveigle me,
Today, tomorrow and every day.
Maybe, you’ll never know how,
Maybe, I’ll always know why.

Every time I’ll have a glance at you,
You’ll remind me of the sorrows, too.
Maybe, I could crush you with my empty hands,
Like I crushed my emotions before incising them on you.

You take in the grimace like I do,
Soak it in until there is no more.
You inhale it in with something no short of grace.
Wondrous how you never exhale it out without leaving a trace.

You are and will always be, me.
Yet, I know you’ll deceive me,
Reminding me of the times I felt drab and murky.
After all, who says one cannot deceive one’s own self in a way that is dreary.

You know who you are, dearest paper, lying helpless in front of me.

I hope that all the writers and poets can relate to this poem of mine! If you found this poem nice then, like, comment and share! Also, could you identify who I was talking about before I revealed it in the last line? Tell me in the comments section below!

I know I haven’t posted for a while which seems to me like it’s been ages! I apologise for not posting even once in the past two weeks! Was just so tied up with so much of everybody-has-to-deal-with-life stuff.

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With love,


Published by: Meher Gandhi

Hello to all the readers and writers out here! I am Meher Gandhi. I am a dreamer and a wanderer, dreaming of a world made of words and wandering in a land of my own scribblings. I am constantly scribbling my reveries and all the secrets I unearth while living, sometimes it’s on paper, most of the times, it’s mental notes. WordPress is a great platform to showcase the art of writing be it on the spot or else. I am loving this work of writing blogs, reading your blogs, commenting on them, receiving the likes, comments and valuable suggestions. It is all so fun! I am a teenager who loves to read and write. I am a positive person and so are my scribblings. If you want to connect with me then, head over to the contact page in the “my pages” section! Would you like to join me in for a walk in my land of scribblings? With love, Meher.

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42 thoughts on “You Know Who You Are”

  1. Honestly speaking, I did not get about whom you were talking about until you said “Dearest Paper”.
    Yeah, Paper is a “True Friend” of a writer.
    Inks always got noticed when we talk about writers but you thought really deep to think about paper and go on to write about it and write it to such a perfection!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Meher! ❤
    This. Is. Lovely.
    Like always, I could totally relate and it's like everyone's story.
    Everyone, whether a writer or not, does at some point or the other, write.
    Whether you share it with someone or not.
    And that's one of the most beautiful things.
    To write.
    And that's why I wrote this quote on my blog which says-
    "If all you can do is think, then scribble."
    Anyway, lovely post, and so on point!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much, Shruti!
      Yes, we all write. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all write. Writing may not necessarily be on the paper…some people think in the way we would write.
      The quote is lovely!❤
      Glad that you liked this poem!❤

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Truly paper is the dearest friend one could ever have. It gives us a chance to present it to the world be it with words scribbled on it or to make a beautiful painting. Somehow they’re very special because they let us present our ideas through it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, paper is indeed “a true friend” as I mentioned it in the poem, too but, I think when you go through your best memories that you once penned on the paper, you do tend to be reminded of the bitter moments, too. Also, the paper won’t just make the words on it invisible when somebody other than you would try to read your writings. So, I just showed how betrayed a writer might feel but, cannot cease to still depend upon it!
      Thanks a lot for reading this poem!

      Liked by 1 person

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