Bustle ‘Bout Book: Recent (Huge) Book Haul

All the photographs have been clicked by Meher Gandhi

Yes. They’re the books I’ve recently bought. Can we call this bunch of eight books a huge haul? I would definitely call it so, keeping in mind the large pile of books already on my TBR list!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful are the covers?! Honestly, many of these books have been bought because of their beautiful and lovely covers. I am sure you can relate to this type of buying!

Here are the books in the haul:

1. CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber:

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

This is one book that I’ve heard really great things about. It seems to a pretty engaging story as the introduction at the back says that the story revolves around the character named Scarlett Dragna and her sister- Tella. As her sister gets kidnapped, Scarlett makes all attempts to find her, that too, within five days or else the situation would become worse. It’s all presented in an exuberant form with vibes of competitiveness. It also contains a lot of dark parts. So, I am totally up for this book!

Goodreads rating: 3.9 stars


Genre: Fantasy, Young adult fiction

Six Of Crows and Crooked Kingdom together form a duology. The first book in the series is Six of Crows and at the back of it, it says that Kaz Brekker is a criminal prodigy who has been offered wealth beyond what he could ever imagine. However, to claim it, he’ll have to complete a series of tasks. He is now in need of a crew which is “desperate enough” to succeed in all the tasks.

The second book doesn’t say much on the back. It just reveals that the story is a continuation of the efforts of Kaz and crew, which is now to fight for their own survival.

Goodreads rating: 4.4 stars, 4.6 stars

3. THE HATE YOU GIVE by Angie Thomas

Genre: Young adult fiction

Have you ever bought a book just because you’re in love with the cover? I have! And this one is definitely one of those. After all, the cover itself portrays the bold aspect of the girl so brilliantly! Doesn’t it? But also, I did have an idea about the story so, it was just another push to buy it.

This book stars a sixteen-year-old Starr Carter. Starr lives in a poor black neighborhood and goes to a ‘fancy suburban prep school’. However, “the uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend, Khalil at the hands of a police officer”.

This story is definitely an empowering one as Starr is now to take a stand for her friend. She is the only witness of the crime.

Goodreads rating: 4.6 stars

4. FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell

Genre: Contemporary young adult

This book had been on my TBR list for quite a few months now. Well, I already have started reading it and so far, it’s a great book!

It’s all about Cath who is kind of an introvert as compared to her twin sister Wren. The twin sisters love each other dearly. Wren, out of love and want of freedom, forces Cath to not be her roommate. Wren wants to experience what it is to be free and out of home. On the contrary, Cath believes it good to be in her own comfort zone. This story is all about how Cath manages to be in the college, with a roommate Cath is is not greatly comfortable with. Cath loves to read and write and wishes to always either be reading or writing. She is a big fan of Simon Snow.

Goodreads rating: 4.1 stars

5. A MILLION JUNES by Emily Henry:

Genre: Young adult fiction, romance novel

This book is the one I know least about and honestly, I want to dive into the book not knowing much about it. This book seems to be involving an absolutely engaging story. Many reviews say that it is kind of a dark retelling of Romeo and Juliet. That sounds great!

Goodreads rating: 4.1 stars

7. ABSENT IN THE SPRING by Agatha Christie:

Genre: Tragedy
This is one of the books I bought because of the cover!

This book seems to be an amazing story. It involves a character known as Joan Scudamore who is left all alone. While in solitude, Joan indulges in introspection by assessing her attitude and behaviour towards various situations and things in life.

Goodreads rating: 4.1 stars

8. POSTERN OF FATE by Agatha Christie:

Genre: Crime fiction

I haven’t read much of Agatha Christie so, here’s another of her books in this haul.

As Tommy and Tupence Beresford become the owners of a house in an English village, they have, along with the house, inherited some worthless stuff which includes some antique books. Tuppence goes through one of the books and decodes ‘a very disturbing message’ present in the book.

I believe that this books is also going to be extremely intriguing!

Goodreads rating: 3.2 stars

The moment I got all of these books, I went crazy because I wanted to read them all at the same time! Does this happen to you, too? Do you go crazily- crazy over new books? Let me know in the comments section below! Also, do let me know if you have read any of these books!

** I will be posting book blogs under Bustle ‘Bout Books every Saturday and my poems and other of my reveries on every Tuesday!

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28 thoughts on “Bustle ‘Bout Book: Recent (Huge) Book Haul”

    1. Thank you so so much!!❤
      Haha…now, don’t be jealous (of course, I’ll say that😂)!
      Yes, I will be sure to put up the reviews of these books once I am done reading them (which I hope will not take a lot of time but, you never know).
      Thanks for this lovely comment!❤

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  1. I really enjoyed reading FanGirl. The story still lingers in my mind. Sometimes, I too buy books looking at the cover, just by instinct. Being a book blogger, learnt to avoid that to an extent. I must say, you have picked really interesting books

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  2. I often feel the same way when I buy a whole stack of new books, how are we ever supposed to pick which one to read first? Or my often thought, how will I ever find the time to read all the books I wish to read!?

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