April Blogging Wrap Up

April was such a good blogging month! I got 12 blog posts up in April till May 1!

Missed my any or all of my April posts?Here’s a list of all the April posts and their links!

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This is list is in backward chronological order.

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1. Characters To Books Tag Created By Me!
I’ve created a book tag!
The idea of this tag has been on my mind since ages, it feels. Basically, what I’ve done is that I’ve taken a few characters from books and have used their characteristics as prompts to name other books. You’ll understand the tag even better by reading the rules and my answers!

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2. Book Titles I Love!
Know 5 of my favourite book titles!

1. To Kill A Mockingbird

…is a sin. See? That’s why I like it so much. It’s a part of the sentence that plays a huge symbolic role in the book. Did you know the later part of the sentence or is it me who has enlightened you? Let me know!

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3. Book Review: ‘A Year Of Wednesdays’ By Sonia Bahl
Seat 7A and Seat 7B in the flight from New Delhi to New York are occupied by two strangers- a mom of two with “drool-stained-sweater-and-ordinary-aspirations” and a guy from Wall Street who would prefer bathing in money over anything. Both are poles apart and do not have any desire to change that. Of course, this is evident from the endless discussions that they dive into during the fifteen hour journey.

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4. Books I Want To Read Tag!

What a better way to celebrate World Book Day than by doing an ode to our seemingly never-ending TBR lists!

I saw jthbookreviews doing this tag and I just had to do it! It sounds so fun but at the same time, it is a bit…you know…guilty post kind of. I cannot help but marvel at my own TBR list.

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5. Do A Survey, Get A Code, Buy A Book!

Hello, booknerds!

World Book Day is round the corner and in order to celebrate, Sage Publications is conducting a wonderful campaign which aims to inculcate the habit of reading in those who haven’t been exposed to it and in those who have left it behind. We can all see how this beautiful habit of soaking in the words from the pages is declining day by day. To promote reading, I am supporting Sage Publications!

☆ There’s something for you! ☆

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6. Book Review: ‘Quest For Paradise’ By Shuchi

Ishana is a girl made of steel and straws, I believe.

Ishana Awasthi has passions and desires that no one except her, seems to understand. All the people around her including her parents do not support the idea of her becoming a tattooist and consider it even more foolish of her to want to excel in it.

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7. Devour What Feeds Your Soul, Not Your False Ego
This is a little something that I wrote!
Haven’t we all grown to accept what reminds us of our greatness and dismiss what has the courage to state our flaws as they are? Maybe, this reaction of ours comes from our mindset that what we accept is reality and what we unaccept is imagination. But, what if I told you that reality can not only be distorted but also moulded into shapes that suit our perspectives even if they disregard the perspectives of all learned?

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8.Wild By Meher Gandhi
A poem by me!
It feels great to share my writings with you. I really hope you like my effort!
This feeling mustn’t exist,
Much like the word itself.
Even though Wilde used it
And decorated it with guiltlessness.

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9. Reader Problems Book Tag!
We, as readers, have to take so many decisions and think over them and take new ones! There are so many emotions to cope up with and so many rides to adjust to. This post is dedicated to them all!

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10. April TBR!

Honestly, I haven’t been able to read much in the three months that have went by. But, I’m focused on leveling up my reading game!

Here’s a (hopefully realistic) list of books that I am looking forward to reading in April:

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11. My Favourite Book Covers!!

The success of a book is decided by many factors, I believe, and a large part is occupied by the cover. I am a proud buyer of books who does buy them if the cover looks good! If you’re a reader yourself then you might relate to me or you might have seen others knowing nothing about a book but still buying it because of the cover.

So here’s a list of 10 book covers that I can look at forever:

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12. Book Review: ‘The Sane Psychopath’ By Salil Desai

Is Shanker victimizing or is he the victim himself?

Are you a psychology lover? Do you like action spiced up with mystery and logic? If yes then ‘The Sane Psychopath’ by Salil Desai might be the book for you!

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