Do A Survey, Get A Code, Buy A Book At A Discount!

Hello, booknerds!

World Book Day is round the corner and in order to celebrate, Sage Publications is conducting a wonderful campaign which aims to inculcate the habit of reading in those who haven’t been exposed to it and in those who have left it behind. We can all see how this beautiful habit of soaking in the words from the pages is declining day by day. To promote reading, I am supporting Sage Publications!

☆ There’s something for you! ☆

Sage Publications has provided me with a code that all my readers can use to get a 30% discount on all Sage Select Titles! This offer is valid only till 23rd April so make your purchase now!

Use code BLOG30 to get a 30% discount on Sage Select Titles!

Make sure to fill the survey form released by Sage Publications in order to support the cause!

Why Sage Publications?

If you are a non-fiction lover, Sage Publications, which is a leading publisher, has an AMAZING list of titles for you. From psychology to politics to business and management, you can find it all on their website!

Do not forget to fill the survey form. It’ll only take a minute!

Do let me know if you use the code and make an amazing purchase!

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