Bustle ‘Bout Books: My Favourite Book Covers!!

The success of a book is decided by many factors, I believe, and a large part is occupied by the cover. I am a proud buyer of books who does buy them if the cover looks good! If you’re a reader yourself then you might relate to me or you might have seen others knowing nothing about a book but still buying it because of the cover.

So here’s a list of 10 book covers that I can look at forever:

*NOTE: All these pictures have been taken by me.

1. False Lights By K. J. Whittaker

Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot appreciate this cover enough. I love it so SO SO much! I mean, just look at it! Each and every detail, from the bookshelves to the illustration of Hester Harewood (the protagonist) to the amazing colours, I love them all! Absolutely love the blue shade. I started reading this book and it is quite an intriguing one but, I had to drop because I was just not able to get really fascinated by it at that time but, I know that I will end up loving it whenever I pick it up next.

2. Heartless By Marissa Meyer

I really like this cover because of the certain symmetry that’s there. The physical is pretty and so is the kindle version! Also, this book is on my TBR list and I hope to read it, soon! Have you read it?

3. A Million Junes By Emily Henry

Oh, this is just the book I would’ve bought for the cover if I hadn’t heard so much about it! I bought because I really wanted to read AND because Hailey in Bookland recommended it, I think. But, anyway, this cover is gorgeous! I like how it’s blue but dark and how it all looks so magical. This fantasy book recites a wonderful story and I’ve even reviewed it here on my blog. You can check out the spoiler-free review by clicking here!

4. Shatter Me Series By Tahereh Mafi

Goodness! Honestly, the beautiful covers of all the books in the Shatter Me series give the chills, the goosebumps! They are so beautiful and I am left awestruck whenever I have a look at them. Kudos to the whole team who put in the efforts to come up with such eye-candy covers!

5. Pride And Prejudice’ By Jane Austen

You probably already know that ‘Pride And Prejudice’ is my favourite book. The edition that I have is from Rupa Publications and I love it so much! Yellow is not my favourite colour but, I like it on this cover. It just has such a nice, fresh, summery vibe to it! Or maybe…I like it because it is my favourite book. Just kidding. You can check out my spoiler-free review here!

6. Get in Trouble By Kelly Link

I bought this book because of the cover! It is so beautiful and creative. Absolutely love the upside down house and how it matches with the vibe of the title! I have not read this book yet and I don’t plan to read it soon because I have MANY books that I need to read on priority basis!

7. When Eight Bells Toll By Alistair MacLean

Ah the different shades of green that all reside on the cover! This cover is such a treat to the eyes! I have read this book and I really liked reading it. It is an adventure book packed with a lot of action and wit! As I’ve already stated it in my ‘The Candy Book Tag’ post, this is a book that looks good and is good! Have you read any Alistair MacLean books?

8. Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell

I absolutely love this green pastel colour on the cover and the illustration, too! I like how the cover is not crowded with many things but at the same time, it is portraying what the book is about. I like the pink edition as well but, I like this green one more. Even though I absolutely love the cover, I did not really like the book. It wasn’t bad but, I just didn’t like it much and the ending according to me was not very great. Do you like the cover?

9. ‘Absent In The Spring’ By Agatha Christie

This is another book that I bought because of the cover and also because I hadn’t read any Agatha Christie books at that time. Purple is my favourite colour and it is so nicely and beautifully used on this cover! Love the spring vibe! I read this book and did like it but not much. First of all, it is the first Agatha Christie that I ever read and so I had some expectations which were not met by this book. It is more of a psychology-driven book (for which I absolutely love it) but, it doesn’t have a specific solid storyline. Again this is not a book that I hate but, it is not my favourite.

10. ‘Anon.’ By Bhavani Iyer

Oh, goodness. I don’t think I can talk about this book enough. Let’s start with the cover. I absolutely love it. Love how it’s brown and the vintage vibe attached to it. I like the ink blot and basically I just love the cover. Now, this is probably the best book I read in 2018. It is such a beautiful and moving story and I literally cannot recommend this book enough. It holds a major spot in my ‘Favourites’ list. You can check out my spoiler-free review of it here!

Tell me in the comments section below about your favourite book covers! It is so much fun to look at the amazing covers that exist in the world!


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I have so many more covers on my list that I absolutely love! Do you think I should do a part 2 of this post?

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