Bustle ‘Bout Books: Review- ‘The Sane Psychopath’ By Salil Desai

Name: The Sane Psychopath

Author: Salil Desai

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Crime Fiction

Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Is Shanker victimizing or is he the victim himself?

Are you a psychology lover? Do you like action spiced up with mystery and logic? If yes then ‘The Sane Psychopath’ by Salil Desai might be the book for you!


*NOTE: I am extremely grateful to Fingerprint! Publishing for sending me this book. However, this does not at all hinder my honest opinions regarding the book. This is a spoiler-free review. All opinions are solely mine.


The main interest that the book surrounds is indeed fascinating. It is set in Pune where works a bus driver named Shanker. He is a quiet and reserved man who would rather be left alone to dwell on his problems than open up. The book starts with the character being on a drive “up the mountain road” where he sees a buffalo on the way and has to abruptly stop the bus. On almost thrashing a car due to the abrupt stoppage, the drivers of the car demand Shanker to get down. They beat him up for the dangerous move. Apparently, there was not a single animal on the road which means that the buffalo was just a figment of Shanker’s mind. But, why this wild imagination? Was Shanker simply in a distracted state or was it a serious condition?
Another thing that is quite intriguing is that he often hears demonic voices which no one else seems to hear.

These voices surely prove to be much more dangerous as one day the same quiet, reserved, and placid natured man takes on a devilishly perilous trip, smashing anything and anybody that comes his way. What exactly is going on with Shanker? Is he on an intentional killing spree or is he absolutely out of his senses? Well, the latter question proves to be the main question that the book revolves around. To find out the answers you need to read the book!

I absolutely love it when mystery books don’t provide final solutions until only about 20-30 pages are left. This book was of the same kind so yay! If you know a bit about psychology, it might be the case that you would be able to identify what was happening with Shanker. All in all, this book is one book that will definitely keep your senses awake!

Another thing that I love about this book is the title! Incredible job deciding the title, indeed. The title is enough to spark anybody’s attention! Oh, I also love the word structures that have been used. Good vocabulary always contributes in making a book a success and ‘The Sane Psychopath’ is surely an example!

There is one factual information that I could not quite agree with but, in order to save you from spoilers, I cannot give it away! Also, I felt like punctuation could be attended to more carefully however, it is surely not a problem in the way of making this book a great read! It is a thing that only comes up when you’re reading really closely.

All in all, I would recommend this book to anybody who loves a good mystery/psychology/law fiction book and to anybody who is looking for a nice and fast-paced book. Kudos to the author and the publishing team!

Are you planning to read this book? Is it a book that seems intriguing to you? Or have you already read it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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