By Meher Gandhi

I see light,
I see the glow,
I see the glass shatter,
I show the show.

I see the sea,
I open the gates,
To relief and love,
I love the baits.

It’s my time,
Waiting for me,
The moments which,
No one can steal.

This is when,
I rise and feel,
The cool breeze ,
The victorious scent.

My kingdom awaits,
My crown shines,
My thrown gleams,
Win succeeds wait.

To all the demonic pulls,
I now say,
“I conquer you.
I conquer pain.”

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Published by: Meher Gandhi

Hello to all the readers and writers out here! I am Meher Gandhi. I am a dreamer and a wanderer, dreaming of a world made of words and wandering in a land of my own scribblings. I am constantly scribbling my reveries and all the secrets I unearth while living, sometimes it’s on paper, most of the times, it’s mental notes. WordPress is a great platform to showcase the art of writing be it on the spot or else. I am loving this work of writing blogs, reading your blogs, commenting on them, receiving the likes, comments and valuable suggestions. It is all so fun! I am a teenager who loves to read and write. I am a positive person and so are my scribblings. If you want to connect with me then, head over to the contact page in the “my pages” section! Would you like to join me in for a walk in my land of scribblings? With love, Meher.

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11 thoughts on “Conquer”

  1. Wow… such a beautiful blend of words… just loved this poem , it has that aura around it.. that positivity… that hope.. it’s just so bright! I loved where you said.. To all the demonic pulls, I now say, “ I conquer you. I conquer pain.”
    Meher you are one fantastic writer, I am an avid fan of your work and I hope to read a book of your work one day! Wish you all luck and love…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wonderful again, Meher! I really like the simplicity of it, but I sense there is a deeper meaning.

    I would love to know how long it takes to think of/write your next poem? I posted one this week (about my TBR!) but it can take me a while to figure out how to turn a good idea into a good poem 🙂

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