Butsle ‘Bout Books: Bookish Tropes I Love And Hate + BLOGGER SHOUT-OUT!

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When you’ve read a lot of books, you start noticing and picking out themes that are common in various books. So let’s talk about tropes! A trope is basically “a significant or recurrent theme” (according to Google).

There are many tropes that I love reading and just cannot not love them every single time I come across them. However, there are many which I don’t like coming across at all.

I’ve made the list of tropes available on templates and various sites like The Honest Bookclub, Epicreads, and Clevver.

Here are a few tropes I love:

  • Book-loving characters:

Oh, my goodness. I cannot talk about this trope enough! Something lights up within me when I come across book-loving characters in books! There are many books that follow this theme. My favourite book, however, is ‘Anon.’ by Bhavani Iyer. (Check out my review of it here.) Book-loving characters make the book so much fun because they often shoot literary puns!

  • Alternate Universes:

This is a concept I love a lot and want to see more in books. Also, I love fantasy so it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say I love the ‘alternate universe’ concept. I haven’t read many which follow this theme but, the book I like most is ‘A Million Junes’ by Emily Henry. It is such a great fantasy book. To be honest, I did not expect to love it so much and I am so glad I’ve read it! I also posted a review of it. Check it out here.

  • Strong and smart female protagonists:

This one is my absolute favourite. I am a massive believer of women empowerment and equality and so I love reading books that reflect these themes. ‘Six Of Crows’ duology (my current read) features two amazing women- Nina and Inej and oh, dear! I love them both so much! My favourite classic- ‘Pride And Prejudice’ by Jane Austen also has a strong female lead whose name is Elizabeth. Check out my review of it here.

  • The ending leaves you an emotional cripple.

I might scream at having a book play with my emotions but, to be honest, I love such books that completely engulf me. Books that have an emotional end often leave a lasting impression on me. Most of the books that follow this theme have ended up in my list of favourite books.

  • Rags to riches:

The reason why I like this trope is because most of the books that feature it have deep meanings and are emotional reads. As I said, I love books that completely take me in and books that follow this theme have almost always left me shook.

Here are a few tropes I hate:

  • Friends to lovers:

Now, I don’t strongly hate this one but, I don’t like it either. In many of the books, I’ve wanted the characters to remain friends (JUST FRIENDS!) and they’ve always ended up being lovers! Like why?! Why can’t they just be good friends?

  • Love triangle

I. Detest. It. There are very few books that I’ve liked which feature this trope. I have hated all the rest. I just don’t see myself clicking to the stories that follow this theme and they’re almost always fail attempts to keep me hooked in them.

  • Instalove

If I get a hint that a book has the instalove feature, I won’t read it. Now now, I have (willingly) read a few books that follow this trope but, I’ve just learnt it now that I do not really enjoy it. They just seem a bit too impractical and I just find them quite boring.

Are there any tropes that you love and hate? Let me know in the comments section below!

Also, I might do part two of this tropes discussion! Let me know if you’d like to read it!


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Make sure to let me know about your most loved and hated tropes! Also, would you like to see a part two of this post?

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7 thoughts on “Butsle ‘Bout Books: Bookish Tropes I Love And Hate + BLOGGER SHOUT-OUT!”

  1. Tropes/types of characterization I hate includes:
    -Everyone loves me type of protagonist, especially when I don’t see the reason for it other than he/she being physically attractive.
    -A cold in appearance character who is actually a warm person inside.
    -Love at first sight. I don’t get it.
    -Love triangles.
    -Abusive main characters. For example, the hero is macho, arrogant and does whatever he wants whether it’s good or bad because he can and the heroine just lets him do it without so much as a protest.
    -Time travel. I don’t exactly hate this trope. I just think it’s overdone.
    -Boy crazy/girl crazy teens in a book.
    -Heroines who always ends up being a victim or damsel in distress. Come on girl!

    Tropes/types of characterization that I love:
    -Friends to lovers. I haven’t read a book featuring friends to lovers, but I think the idea can seem pretty nice if written well. I’m only basing my opinion on this trope according to the dramas I’ve watched. Who knows, I may not like the trope when it comes to being used in a book.
    -Smart characters.
    -Characters who grow by the end of the book.

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    1. Woah! This is a great list!
      Now that I’m thinking of it, I too, hate crazy teens in books. I mean they just seem to be a bit too silly and annoying. And yes, I love the last two tropes that you love, too!

      Thanks for reading and letting me know the tropes you like/hate!

      Liked by 1 person

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