Bustle ‘Bout Books: Tips To Beat Reading Slumps

Do you ever face reading slumps? Do you find yourself wanting to read but, not actually reading? Well, if yes then, I can relate and try to help you out!

Sometimes, I just get a bit lazy to pick up my current read and read it. I go though reading slumps, too! I feel like reading but, am just not able to pick up the book and actually read. Thankfully, it does not happen to me all the time, just sometimes.

I’ve found ways to overcome the reading slumps and I would like to share these ways with you guys so that you, too, can get on track when it comes to reading!

Here are a few ways and tips:

  • Read something short.

Sometimes, reading short stories or blog posts (if you’re a blogger) helps to get the reading spree on. You don’t necessarily have to push yourself to read your current heavy-duty book. To get your attention back, you can try reading any short articles, stories, or even poems!

  • Don’t drag your current read.

If you’re facing a reading slump, it’s probably because you’re not enjoying your current and it is just not gripping your attention. You’re probably reading just for the sake of it. Well, it’s time to drop that book! It’s no sin to stop reading a book even when you’re already halfway or more through it! It’s better to stop reading it if you’re not liking it. Don’t waste your time and pick up some other book. It can be a short read or a long one if you like. But, do try something new! You’ll find yourself feeling like a fresh reader!

  • Watch a movie or listen to music.

When you watch a movie, you basically try and keep up with the story being projected. Once you finish it, you’ll start craving for another story to know and unravel. That’s when you’ll want to read a book!

You can even try listening to music. Listen to songs you like or maybe discover new ones! Listen to them for as long as you want. Once you’re done, you’ll find yourself feeling fresh and would want to do something else. That’s when you can start reading!

  • Research and learn something new.

This one helps a lot. Has there ever been a case you’re intrigued to know more about? Is there any historical event you’d like to research on? Or is there any new thing coming up that you think you need to find more about? If yes then, it is best to do it, now! If you’re facing a reading slump, get on to researching and learning new things! They don’t need to be lengthy procedural things but, just short articles or maybe a few pages about something that’ll make you want to read more. Once you’re done researching, you’ll be able to continue your current read or start a new one!

  • Read book blog posts and/or watch booktube videos.

This is another tip that helps a lot! If you’re feeling lazy to pick up a book, start reading book blog posts or watching bookish videos! You can read/watch book reviews, bookish tags, and there’s so much more! All these things make one want to pick a book and there goes the reading slump!

  • Release the stress:

Oftentimes, I feel like stress causes my facing a reading slump. I get so tried while doing something that the moment I get free time, I either sleep or do something else but, not read. This is when one needs to release the stress. Go out for a walk or maybe listen to music. Sleeping helps, too. There are many ways to feel relaxed. Meditate, maybe? Once you’re relaxed, you’ll find yourself open to catch up with your reading!

And finally…

  • Get off the phone!

I feel like most of the times I face a reading slump, it is because I am doing something or the other on my phone and am just not paying attention to other activities. So yes, get off the phone! Drop it and you’ll suddenly find yourself wanting to do something else that doesn’t involve your phone! This is when you can pick up a book!

Remember, all these tips require you to realize that you’re facing a reading slump. You need to identify the time when you feel fresh and are ready to read!

Do you face reading slumps? If yes then, are there any other things that you practise to beat the reading slump? Also, did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments section below!

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24 thoughts on “Bustle ‘Bout Books: Tips To Beat Reading Slumps”

  1. Nice one… reading blogs, watching booktube videos and reading fanfiction is usually what I do when I’m in a slump… it atleast gives me the satisfaction that I’m doing something bookish 😊😊😊

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  2. I went through a bad slump when I was reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. *Braces self for the crazy GWTDT fans* I’m sorry. I know it’s supposed to be a modern classic or something similar, but I just couldn’t get through it. And I stalled dropping it for too long because (a) I’d bought it and then it’d be on my bookshelf forever and (b) I thought it was some kind of a sin to leave a book midway even if you weren’t enjoying it.
    Also, I would like to specifically comment on your ‘reading book blogs and watching booktube videos’ tip. I’ve often spent hours browsing through my Pinterest feed, looking at pins even remotely related to books, and that’s what they’ve always remained- hours wasted on a social media website. It might work for other people and help them get back to reading, but for me it just aggravates the problem by hooking me to pretty libraries and Potter crafts for hours on end.

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  3. Love this! I completely agree; a vast majority of reading slumps are caused by/have to do with an overuse of my phone. It’s too tempting, and there’s always SOMEthing else to do online, so it’s important to put down the device and make reading a priority.

    Liked by 1 person

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