Bustle ‘Bout Books: Misconceptions Regarding Readers Sorted! +Truths +Pro-tip

There are many misconceptions that people believe to be true regarding readers and the activity of reading in general. In this post, I’ve decided to refute them all and also state some true facts! Do let me know if you’ve ever come across any of these and what opinions you hold! Also, you’ll find a pro-tip at the end!


  • Readers are always proud and introverted.

Seriously?! Too much of generalisation. This is so untrue. I think readers are rather kind and understanding because they’ve read stories about characters being rude, they’ve sympathized with fictional characters, and even banged their heads in agony that bubbles for the rude/evil characters. Also, not all readers are introverted, while some might be. I am an extrovert and I am an avid reader so it’s proved that not all readers are introverted!

  • Readers read only to pass time.

No. There are many (like me) who take their reading way too seriously and make sure to set aside time from their busy schedule to devote it entirely to reading. Infact, many people make their careers out of reading. This misconception also leads us to our next one.

  • Readers have a lot of free time to while away.

Haven’t you seen big busy peeps reading? Well, if you haven’t then, you don’t know how readers are in majority. I, for one, struggle daily to finish my work early so that I can find time for reading. Many people are way too busy to spare time for it but, their desire to keep their reading up helps them find a way to get into books anyhow.

  • Readers necessarily have stacks of books lying everywhere.

NO! Not all readers buy books! Not all readers keep themselves surrounded with books and pages! Some readers prefer going to the library to read and some do not even take home many books. So yes, this is sorted!

  • Reading is reading only when you read physical books.

Well, if it was so, there wouldn’t be anything known as ‘audiobook’ or ‘e-book’. Many readers do not buy books. When you see somebody with earphones plugged, they aren’t necessarily listening to music. They might be listening to audiobooks. Somebody who seems to be busy on the phone might actually be reading a book!

  • Reading is reading only when you read novels.

Nope. Not true. You are a reader even if you read newspapers ardently. You are a reader even if you read articles online, regularly. You are a reader if you read short-stories. Nothing in the word ‘reader’ refers to only those who read novels.


  • Readers are fun people to be with:

Readers know stories they can talk about. They think creatively and look and understand beyond the given lines!

  • Reading is an activity which reduces stress:

For us readers, it is a way of keeping our stressful thoughts away for a while. When people say that reading before bed helps you get a good sleep, they don’t mean that it makes you sleepy. The fact just means that it helps you calm down and relax. When you’re relaxed, you will obviously have a good sleep.

  • Readers might also want to take a break from reading (for a short while, of course):

However unbelievable this may sound, it is true. Readers also experience a reading slump of sorts. Sometimes, we might take a break to let the happenings of the previous book sink in. Sometimes, we might take an off from reading to get back to it in a better state. Infact, I’ve heard that you should take a break if you’re feeling down about reading and you aren’t to read fast. You’ll notice that when you get back to it, you’ll be able to read more.
Pro tip: To be friends with readers, simply talk to them about their favourite books or books in general (Do this at your own risk, you might be forced to read all their beloved books). Also, if you’ve seen a movie before reading the book then, don’t ever mention it. Just Don’t.

Have you ever come across such misconceptions? Let me know! Also, let me know if you could relate to any of these points!

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12 thoughts on “Bustle ‘Bout Books: Misconceptions Regarding Readers Sorted! +Truths +Pro-tip”

  1. That is so true. Never mention that you have watched the movie before reading the book. Moreover the readers will never find the movie giving justice to what the book portrayed. Great post. Could relate easily. 👌

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t mind when people say they saw the movie first. It doesn’t matter HOW they became a fan of the series, only THAT they became a fan.
      Not everyone has the benefit of finding the book first, or knowing there was a book first.

      Liked by 2 people

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