Shackles That Weigh Me Down (Poem) – Collaboration

floatinggold and I have collaborated on two poems! This one is titled ‘Shackles That Weigh Me Down’ and our second poem which is posted on floatinggold’s blog is titled ‘Walking Through An Unknown Door‘. So don’t forget to check that one out, too!

Shackles That Weigh Me Down

By Meher Gandhi and floatinggold

The clinking sounds,
The rusted chains and shackles,
Pin me up on the ground,
I am constantly loosing battles.

The smear of blood,
Owes to my life on the knife.
Inches far, comes a dreary flood,
Which I cannot escape tonight.

My chest is heavy.
My hands nailed to the floor.
My head hanging low,
I’m on my knees.

Just like that time,
when I was stuck,
in mud, unable to get out.
Now I also see no rescue…

The moonlight that shines upon me,
Is urging me to run and fight briskly.
The truculent wind that blows through my side,
Instructs me to snub all the downsides.

A shiny object in the corner of the cell flickers,
Inching closer, I reached for the key to unlock my shackles.
As I stand up and walk away,
I realize it has always been up to me.

It was great working with floatinggold! We both have different ways of portraying emotions through words and that’s what makes me like both of our poems so much!

Did you like this poem of ours? If you did, you’ll surely like the second one!

Let me know what you think about our poems in the comments section below! Don’t forget to like!

Check out my previous collaboration here.

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