The Storm That Rages (Poem) – Collaboration

Another collaboration!

A Girl With The Paw Print Tattoo and I have collaborated on two poems! It’s been incredible to collaborate with her! This poem is titled ‘The Storm That Rages’ and the other one which is posted on her blog is titled The Unheard Good-bye. So do check that one out, too!

The Storm That Rages

~ By Meher Gandhi and A Girl With The Paw Print Tattoo

The blunderous blue of the sky,
The orange dim light,
Have led me to this expanse of far cry,
Is there nothing to which I can hold tight?

The storm that screamed,
Has made me tremble and plummet,
A valley of cascading sand stream,
Tonight has played a game wicked.

But, as I hold my head high,
I vow to not let it gratify.
What once had made me feeble-minded,
Will far keep me from being binded.

The light illuminating from the clouds ahead,
Will keep the raging storm from controlling this dread.
As the sun dispread its beams,
I find that the thunderous echoes are simply dreams.

I can feel my heavy bones,
Trying to traverse all the puddles and stones.
I can sense the horizon today,
Reaching out to rehabilitate me right away.

No longer will I fear the storm,
That had once raged over my lowly form.
My cognizance will remain undisturbed and strong,
As in the distance I can hear a mockingbird’s song.

We absolutely love the way these poems have turned out to be! If you like this poem, you would surely like the second one posted by A Girl With The Paw Print Tattoo on her blog!

Did you like this poem of ours? Let me know in the comments section below! Don’t forget to like and share!

Check out my previous collaboration here.

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Published by: Meher Gandhi

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42 thoughts on “The Storm That Rages (Poem) – Collaboration”

  1. This is beautiful!!!! The rhymings are so lovely 😍😍 Loved it!πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Sailing across the raging storm,
    Your determination has taken a splendid form.
    Assuaging the ferocity with sheer prowess,
    You will conquer all the tests and progress!

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  2. Wow! That was incredible. I know how much you enjoy writing. Trust me we enjoy reading them manifolds.. keep feeding us with more such writings.. rise and shine!

    Liked by 1 person

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