Cling On To The Ray Of Hope – Collaboration

First off, thank you to each and every one who sent me the messages! Thank you for letting me know that you’re interested in collaborating with me!

Sonali Dabade (The Melodramatic Bookworm) and I have collaborated on two articles! This one is titled ‘Cling On To The Ray Of Hope’ and I hope you like it! As I said, we have collaborated on two articles so, do check out the second one which is posted on Sonali’s blog and is titled ‘Let Us Save Courtesy From The Brink Of Extinction!

Cling On To The Ray Of Hope – Collaboration

~ By Meher Gandhi and Sonali Dabade

“When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.”

~ Pittacus Lore

‘Struggles’. A big word in meaning. Yet, aren’t struggles what make us all so similar to each other? We all have faced dark times, really tough times which have forced us to let go of our gleaming smiles and exist with the gloomy faces. When there seems to be no way out, nothing to which we can hold tight and, we’re made to believe that our fate is something we can change nothing about, that’s when we need to be on a lookout for a reason to hold on. When we’re shattered into infinitesimal pieces, that’s when we need to get out of our castle of solitude and dejection and start hunting for the ray of hope that would revitalize us to gather ourselves.

It isn’t easy to emerge from the darkness. It isn’t easy to find the will to start looking for the elusive hope. But it isn’t difficult either. While the world does its best to shatter any progress that we make, it is our quest for hope and the light that it promises that will pull us out of the dumps. It is when we claw our way through the adversities that threaten to pull us down that we realize the existence of that faint glimmer in the distance. The future may seem bleak, but our heart is almost always right. And if it tells us to hold on, listening to it is the best avenue we can ever find. It will be difficult, hanging on to a flimsy thread, gloom surrounding the unheralded voice from the heart. But the struggle through the darkness will be as real as real gets.

If you look into the distance, you’ll surely find reasons to not let go of your ‘happy state’. Try looking beyond what the situation is. It’s always great to look through the darkness and realize how bright the stars shine when the space around them is incomprehensibly dark. When the night is over, look for the bright sunny ray of hope that is trying to reach you, to provide you with the inner contentment.

And when the warm rays finally reach you, don’t turn your back on it. No hesitation will be worth the regret that will eat you up in retrospect. Stop running away from light. Stop trying to think the worst of everything that happens to you. It’s difficult, but not impossible. You can always tune out of the darkness.

So, pause it. Give yourself a break. Life isn’t against you, it is rather with you. Let hope walk alongside you. Create the light you would want to find in the darkness. The sun never ceases to rise and so will never the reasons to be beatific and grateful. You are a universe full of magnificence and panache so, just hold on. Breathe. Believe. Hope.

If you liked reading this article, you would surely like our second effort posted on Sonali’s blog!

It was so much fun collaborating with Sonali! She is an amazing blogger! If you guys love to read, she’s got a lot in store for you!

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