200+ Followers!! Forever Grateful!

I remember the time I just started blogging on WordPress and became so happy when I got a total of 10 followers. And today, I feel extremely grateful to have a family of more than 200 wonderful bloggers!

Just three months back, I celebrated a total number of 100 followers! I am forever grateful for the love you all have shown towards me!

A big thanks to all those who have been supporting me from the very time I just started! A very warm welcome to those who are new to my blog! I hope you will enjoy my posts and will be able to find them relatable.

It feels great to know that there are people who actually love what you do just as you love doing it. I wish to spread around kindness by motivating people through my posts. And so, I hope you will be able to feel the intentions behind my posts and poems, truly!

I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart. I thank you all for keeping me motivated day in and day out. The love and support that I have received so far from all of you is indescribable!


I would like to let you all know that from now onwards, in addition to the poems and all of my reveries, I will also be posting book reviews and all the other things related to books under a new segment which I have named ‘Bustle ‘Bout Books’ (because I love alliteration). How do you find the name of this segment? Do let me know in the comments section! I will be posting blogs under this segment every week! So to all the book lovers out here, I say, yay!

Keep an eye out for the first post under Bustle ‘Bout Books which will be posted on this Sunday!

I hope you all know that I am, as always, open to your valuable suggestions because they mean a lot to me!

Are you on Twitter? I am! Feel free to connect with me through Twitter! (@meher_gandhi)

Huge thanks and hugs to all my WordPress and email followers!

With unconditional love,



Published by: Meher Gandhi

Hello to all the readers and writers out here! I am Meher Gandhi. I am a dreamer and a wanderer, dreaming of a world made of words and wandering in a land of my own scribblings. I am constantly scribbling my reveries and all the secrets I unearth while living, sometimes it’s on paper, most of the times, it’s mental notes. WordPress is a great platform to showcase the art of writing be it on the spot or else. I am loving this work of writing blogs, reading your blogs, commenting on them, receiving the likes, comments and valuable suggestions. It is all so fun! I am a teenager who loves to read and write. I am a positive person and so are my scribblings. If you want to connect with me then, head over to the contact page in the “my pages” section! Would you like to join me in for a walk in my land of scribblings? With love, Meher.

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24 thoughts on “200+ Followers!! Forever Grateful!”

  1. Wonderful , you deserve it dear.
    Congratulations for the milestone achieved by you in a very short time, well done, keep it up, may you achieve much more heights.
    Wish you all the best, stay blessed

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Congratulations for 200+ followers. As I comment, you have 300+ followers.
        It took 90 days for you to reach 200 from 100 followers. Now, you reached 300 followers from 200 in exactly 45 days today. You add 23 to that 300. It is 323 actually. Just see how you are growing with passage of time. I can say you are grwoing in leaps and bounds.
        And sorry, for being the last to wish you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Goodness! Thank you so so much for calculating my progress and telling me exactly how the progress has taken place! It’s because of my readers like you that I have achieved this goal of 300 followers!! You guys have always motivated me to write more.

        Liked by 1 person

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