Photography by Meher Gandhi

Everytime I walk down the streets with earphones in my ears, I notice that it’s not just me singing my own tunes and being lost in them; it’s all of the people I see walking past me. It’s almost as if they have some invisible earphones stuck to their ears. I see them all busy with their own complexities.

And, this leads me to thinking how each and every one of us has a completely different life and how immersed we all are in dealing with our very own problems, trying to cross over all the hurdles and obstacles. We all have incompatible tales and have been through mystical experiences. Each one of us is embedded with unique ‘life lessons’. 

Just a thought at how everyone has completely different set-ups, ambitions, plans, dreams and desires, cravings, notions, habits, customs and schedules, gets me into a totally different world. You see, we all have unexampled craziness levels, too! Don’t we?

Oh well, it’s not every day that I go out and try to improve my mind-reading skills to know what might be going on on their minds. But, sometimes, I do get lost trying to identify what they are lost in. I don’t know how this might seem to you. Maybe as an atrocious habit of mine? But, don’t you ever wonder what may be the story behind any stranger you see? Don’t you wonder how wonderful yet, strange this is? 

I like to call it ‘the presence of worlds within a single world’. We’re all lost, for the good. We’re not even trying to find the ways, for good. Isn’t it heavenly to be lost in our own customized worlds? Isn’t it great to be lost in a world where we practise  individuality so efficiently? 

Each one of us has an inexplicable story. A story which is an unpublished book. It is an unseen film. Yet, a blockbuster. It is an unheard song. A song to which we dance with our self-made moves. Yet, it’s almost non-representational. 

Try as hard as you can, but you can never be completely in the shoes of the other souls. Yes, this is one of the reasons why we all are highly mistaken when we think we know somebody till their very depths of experiences, when we feel as if we know and get the persons COMPLETELY as they are. Of course yes, this is the reason why our judgements can prove to be highly wrong even when we thought them to be fully true. So, think before you judge. Think before you preconceive. 

Our life stories might be unnoticed but, they are the bricks that hold us strong, making us who we are and ultimately, that’s what matters.

Do you ever get lost in thought thinking about how different our stories and we are? 

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With love,


Published by: Meher Gandhi

Hello to all the readers and writers out here! I am Meher Gandhi. I am a dreamer and a wanderer, dreaming of a world made of words and wandering in a land of my own scribblings. I am constantly scribbling my reveries and all the secrets I unearth while living, sometimes it’s on paper, most of the times, it’s mental notes. WordPress is a great platform to showcase the art of writing be it on the spot or else. I am loving this work of writing blogs, reading your blogs, commenting on them, receiving the likes, comments and valuable suggestions. It is all so fun! I am a teenager who loves to read and write. I am a positive person and so are my scribblings. If you want to connect with me then, head over to the contact page in the “my pages” section! Would you like to join me in for a walk in my land of scribblings? With love, Meher.

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12 thoughts on “Sonder”

  1. Beautiful , well written dearest Meher.
    Your writings are really amazing, you have wonderful talent of expressing things. God bless you always and may you keep up your talent of writing.
    Always stay blessed our super talented child

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Meher! This is amazing ❤
    This ALWAYS happens with me. Like legit always.
    And it feels so good to know that I'm not the only one.
    * Sings I Know I'm Not Alone In the background*
    But yesss.! It's so interesting to ponder about this, even though it might seem stalker-ish or something along those lines. I guess it's just human nature.
    PS: Read The Girl On The Train, it's kinda like this.

    Liked by 1 person

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