What I See

What I See

By Meher Gandhi

Unfathomable silver and gold,

Burning in the fire bold.

Ultimate chaos perfectly ordered;

There’s fog that makes the sight blurred.


The highest tides and the lower ones,

Meet the golden foreshore,

Endowing life to all lands barren;

Endowing hope galore.


Oh, the next second howls,

Calamity and catastrophe and all minacious tornados.

All green now becomes ashy,

As all the promises and hopes flee.


Now, the silence after storm is heard,

And moments later a bud appears,

Pink as which brightens the dark;

A fresh start, a new spark.


Nay, this is not what I see ahead,

Neither what I see behind.

Every day,

It is what I see in the soul that is mine.

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With love,



Published by: Meher Gandhi

Hi everyone! I am Meher Gandhi. This is a great platform to showcase the art of writing, be it on the spot or else. I like writing stuff and I will be adding blogs to my site which I hope you guys will like. I will surely be adding more blogs, soon. Keep checking them out! Hope you like them 😊 Keep writing!!

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15 thoughts on “What I See”

      1. Keep writing like this Meher , I myself can’t write poems very well , i lose track after 4 lines 😂😋😋


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