Dreams- The Imaginative Realities






Same beauty. Same relevance. Different languages. Different owners. Different ways of being played​.

What is a dream? Is it what I experience at night? Or the future I see in it? Is it exactly what I want? Is it the best of all things present?

A dream is so much more than what we covet. It is that spiritual arena we want to dwell into to experience that indestructible happiness. A dream is the presence of all love. It is a flower that blooms into a different colour, each moment. We might have the same gardens but, it is so rare that two flowers are same. Isn’t it? A dream is a situation we would do anything to enter into. It is the product of one’s own cognitive dissonance. Thus, it is different for each and every individual, at each and every moment.

Dreams come in a size too big so that we can grow into them.

                           ~ Josie Bisset

It’s all about those exquisite moments when we indulge into the presently non-existent, the deep sea into which we drown to fathom and scrape out all that’s​ hidden. It’s not just about the treasures beneath, it’s about the journey. When we finally reach the bottom then, we realize the intensity of the zeal within us and that’s where it all starts.

We process a thought slowly and steadily to convert it into a dream. Not that the procedure is planned, anyway. It’s now that we start grooming it, giving it a better shape. It’s now that we start improvising. A dream isn’t a film that’s just playing. It is an already-made film that we are continuously editing each second, each day. After all, human mind can never be stagnant and still, eh?

We play our own records, make our own dance moves. We strum our own tunes, our own dreams.

The virtual experience of what is more than life itself gets us to experience something so ecstatic. How does this sound?

We start feeling the fire within, we let it burn until our nerves are ready to work for one and only one target. Then, we shoot. 

To me, this is when I say I have a dream and my being hypnotized by the thought itself is what proves I have one. A dream, a futuristic perspective of what we want our lives to hold for us, of what we want to behold, is what completes us.

An imaginative reality which one would not want to call just an imagination – isn’t this what a dream is? 

Dream until you reach infinity.

With love,



Published by: Meher Gandhi

Hello to all the readers and writers out here! I am Meher Gandhi. I am a dreamer and a wanderer, dreaming of a world made of words and wandering in a land of my own scribblings. I am constantly scribbling my reveries and all the secrets I unearth while living, sometimes it’s on paper, most of the times, it’s mental notes. WordPress is a great platform to showcase the art of writing be it on the spot or else. I am loving this work of writing blogs, reading your blogs, commenting on them, receiving the likes, comments and valuable suggestions. It is all so fun! I am a teenager who loves to read and write. I am a positive person and so are my scribblings. If you want to connect with me then, head over to the contact page in the “my pages” section! Would you like to join me in for a walk in my land of scribblings? With love, Meher.

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