Existential Crisis

Why am I alive? What am I doing? WHY am I doing it? Why is everyone going to be all alone one day? Life is pointless. No meaning at all.

The curiosity to give meaning to our soul and existence, the anxiety that one develops when he learns that everything of today will be the past of tomorrow, the fear and ultimately the anger that one experiences when he realizes that one day, he will be left all alone- is exactly what leads to existential crisis.

Not many of us are like that but there are a few and studies say that minds that want to throw light at topics which are almost never discussed, are much prone to experiencing existential crisis.

There are a few who want to get the answers- the answers to those ‘eternal questions’. The harsh truth is that when such people who are desperately in want of the ultimate keys, approach somebody to tell them of everything that’s going on in their heads and to ask them for solutions, that SOMEBODY simply ignores the curious mind. That silently shouting mind is now made to settle for answers that are completely unjustified. 

But that person keeps on running, looking for answers.

And, does he get them?


He slowly realizes that almost everybody is just the same as that ‘somebody’. 

Everyone is living-beating around bushes- just living. But why? Nobody has the correct answers.

The saints and priests say that we live a good life, doing good deeds just so that we can come face to face with that unbeatable power. Scientists say we don’t really have a specific purpose but, we live to evolve.

And some…they just don’t understand the question.

So, why are we here?

In the midst of getting all these unhinging answers, the puzzled mind now loses all hope and all his strength to run even a bit more. He half-heartedly believes in the ‘just created fact’ that some questions really don’t have answers. 

And that’s how the curious mind dies and the mind which decides to settle for EVERYTHING that comes in his way, resolving to never question anything, is born. Not a happy ending right? Right.

But why does all of this happen? Of course, there is an answer to everything. There HAS to be an answer. Maybe, we’re taking time but there is an answer hidden between the myths and the facts. 

Have you ever been that ‘SOMEBODY’ I talked of- who just couldn’t imagine an answer to be there for such a question- who was the first person to make that desperate mind start to lose hope? Are you that somebody who wishes to get away from the questions we haven’t yet found answers to? 

Why not embrace those questions instead of keep believing in the ‘never-existing solutions’? 

If you ask me, I would rather say that the true purpose of life, of our existence, is to keep finding answers, to unearth every mystery and to find solutions to all those questions which right now seem unanswerable.

Most of all, we do need to find more and more reasons and ways to keep ourselves happy, away from all kinds of existential depressions.

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Keep learning!

With much love,



Published by: Meher Gandhi

Hi everyone! I am Meher Gandhi. This is a great platform to showcase the art of writing, be it on the spot or else. I like writing stuff and I will be adding blogs to my site which I hope you guys will like. I will surely be adding more blogs, soon. Keep checking them out! Hope you like them 😊 Keep writing!!

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